Coconino Community College has several options for course placement.  我们的教师建议所有学生参加英语和数学的自我指导安置.


Self-Guided Placement


You can also submit test scores and/or transcripts to Registration & Enrollment Services to get placed in correct classes (if applicable).  强烈建议学生在注册课程之前与学术顾问会面. For more information visit our Academic Advising page .


You can use the Self-Placement Grid 根据你的高中成绩和平均绩点来决定你应该选择哪门数学/英语课程, ACT/SAT test scores, ACCUPLACER test scores, and/or GED scores.


More guidance on Math and English course enrollment can be found below.


Self-Placement for Math


这里有一些威尼斯安卓版数学课程的信息资源,可以作为指导. 如果有任何问题或疑虑,请记得与顾问会面.



MAT 088 (4) Pre-Algebra


Solving linear equations and evaluating algebraic expressions.


Upon completion of this course, student will be able to:

  1. 对实数进行加、减、乘、除和求幂运算;
  2. use order of operations with real numbers;
  3. simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions;
  4. solve linear equations and check solutions;
  5. and solve application problems

MAT 088 Video for Placement